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Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 13:01:47 -0300
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From: Cesar Scarpini Rabak <csrabak AT dce03 DOT ipt DOT br>
Subject: Re: How to read/modify environment variables?

At 19:44 24/06/97 +0000, John M. Aldrich wrote:
>Martin Bernreuther wrote:
>> I like to write a small tool to add a path to the PATH variable
>> only if it's not already in.
>> How can I get a hold of the environment variables?
>> Is there already a tool to do this?
>> Is there maybe a tool just to search a environment variable for
>> a string?
>getenv().  Look it up in the libc docs.  See also its complement,

Humm...John, I'm affraid that won't cut in the Martin's desires!

Putenv will only change the environment of the program and its children but
not the main environment, so is if you add a path to the path variable,
after your program return you loose your modification.

AFAIK, messing _permanently_ in the environment requres hacking into DOS.
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