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Subject: A decent MOD library
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 23:00:21 GMT
Organization: BT Internet
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	I need a library that will work with Allegro and allow me to use MOD
backing music in my programs. I've looked at MikAlleg, but it was shareware, and
I couldn't find a download site where I didn't have to download Allegro again as
well. Which also suggests I'd have to re-install Allegro again, and I had enough
problems last time.

	Also, I tried SBlib, but my computer seems almost alone in refusing any
programs written with SBlib & Allegro. Even those written by other people and
tested on 106 PC's, it seems. Maybe it is my integrated sound card or something.
So, anyway, don't bither suggesting that either, I've already tried it.

	So, if you know of a free or swapware sound blaster library which works
with Allegro, would you kindly let me in on the secret? Thanks. I just wish
Allegro incorporated MOD playback, but as the readme says, this doesn't seem
likely to ever happen. And I DO NOT mean to sound un-grateful, I'm just a bit
annoyed after the fifth day trying to trap errors only to find it was SBLIB all
along (again).

	Thanks in advance, and I apologise if this post sounds at all less than

		-Thomas . . . . if you're THAT bored.

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