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James writes:
>I was woundering if one can do many points using allegro's polygon3d ie
>more than say 6. 

Yes, you can use any number you like. Obviously the more edges the shape
has, the slower it will be to render, but there's no fixed limit.

>Also do the points have to be in anysort of shape ie
>make a rect of triangle?? or can the be anywhich way and allegro will do
>the "rendering" right??

They need to form a convex polygon (that is a shape which you could
stretch a rubber band around, and it would lie flush against all the
edges of the poly). The 2d polygon() function also handles concave
shapes (ie. ones with indentations) and even edges that cross over each
other, but the polygon3d function has been optimised in ways that
restrict it to convex outlines...

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