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00:01:15 Re: DJGPP vs. Watcom (Gordon Talge)
01:50:39 Re: Callbacks (A. Sinan Unur)
02:03:55 Re: DJGPP is in WAY too many pieces (Mark Oliver)
02:03:56 Re: Callbacks (John M. Aldrich)
02:08:54 AW: sound, no sound in Allegro (Rob den Boer)
02:17:58 bug fix (i think) for boehm's GC4.11 under djgpp (jd marrow)
02:46:36 Re: Callbacks (John M. Aldrich)
03:02:58 Re: NEAR POINTERS (John M. Aldrich)
03:29:53 Missing Mail (LP)
04:16:58 Amount of free memory (Jesper Tragardh)
04:18:22 RE: Callbacks (Robert Humphris)
04:33:25 csdpmi*.zip (
04:46:51 Re: Allocation with pointer arrays and how to use them once I have. (Schuster)
05:05:52 Re: More on what does this error mean... (Robert Hoehne)
05:31:58 Compiling Pascal (Christopher Rouse)
05:32:02 Re: Rhide hanging... (Erno Tuomainen)
06:03:41 Help me with PDcurses (ADJ)
06:07:19 Re: Amount of free memory (Eli Zaretskii)
06:44:24 Re: Unreconized option (-i386) error (Liam)
06:44:27 Re: trouble compiling c++ (Liam)
07:33:06 Re: ALLEGRO KEYBOARD BUG ? (A. Sinan Unur)
08:03:34 .Young Cheerleaders fucking and sucking cock. (asdf;lj3@;;;;;;)
08:28:17 Re: Help me with PDcurses (
08:35:53 Re: trouble compiling c++ (Art S. Kagel)
08:39:08 About your web page (NetMagic)
09:03:49 Re: Allegro GUI Woes :( (Chris La Mantia)
09:04:18 Re: Is this the normal behavior? (Erik Max Francis)
10:05:08 Re: Compiling Pascal (Robert Hoehne)
10:48:04 I need help!!! (
11:35:52 Re: DJGPP is in WAY too many pieces (A. Sinan Unur)
11:50:57 Re: I need help!!! (Andrew Crabtree)
12:19:14 Memory Eater.... (Mike Winsor)
12:40:03 RE: DJGPP is in WAY too many pieces (Robert Humphris)
13:21:19 can you answer this (Mark Oliver)
13:21:22 Re: DJGPP is in WAY too many pieces (James)
13:21:26 Re: DJGPP programs and Windows 95. (A. Sinan Unur)
13:21:34 Re: trouble compiling c++ (A. Sinan Unur)
13:21:43 Unknown link error (Kevin M. Krom)
13:21:58 Re: Stupid newbie question (James)
13:21:59 Re: Allocation with pointer arrays and how to use them once I have. (Dion Barrier)
13:22:27 Re: linking tasm obj into djgpp (Mark Oliver)
13:22:33 Re: Memory address conversions (A. Sinan Unur)
13:22:48 Re: GRX 2.0 memory contexts (Gautam N. Lad)
13:22:53 Re: How would I use make to... (Vic)
13:22:54 Re: How would I use make to... (Gautam N. Lad)
13:22:56 clipping oddissey (Vic)
13:23:09 Memory address conversions (Rudy Gingles)
13:23:12 VESA and PMode (Alexandru Popescu)
13:23:15 interesting problem (
13:23:27 Re: ALLEGRO KEYBOARD BUG ? (Vic)
13:23:29 DJGPP vs. Watcom (Rudy Gingles)
13:23:32 HELP: Scrolling modex/13h Allegro (Quackerz)
13:23:41 Re: Stupid Question. (A. Sinan Unur)
13:23:48 Re: DJGPP vs. Watcom (A. Sinan Unur)
13:23:52 Re: texinfo -> html converter (Weiqi Gao)
13:23:57 Re: FLOATING NUMBERS:Motoral-intel (Phil Galbiati)
13:24:01 Allegro general protection fault (Rainer (RAUBER) De Temple)
13:24:05 Linking problem with DJCPP V2 (Makulik)
13:24:15 Re: allegro program dies under dos (mapson)
13:24:20 Re: DJGPP vs. Watcom (Lonnie McCullough)
13:24:25 Pb with getcwd (precisions) (Jean-Pierre Delprat)
13:24:31 Rhide hanging... (Dave)
13:37:25 Re: need help. (John M. Aldrich)
14:33:54 Re: Precompiled headers. (M. Edward Kiser)
14:33:59 Re: Copy protection and self-modifying EXE's in DJGPP? (Kay Hayen)
14:40:45 My second function doesn't work (stupid newbie question) (
15:12:38 Newbie question (Andreas Tscharner)
15:12:41 Inline assembly problem (Jari Karppinen)
15:33:43 RE: Unknown link error (Bryan Murphy)
16:20:11 Re: My second function doesn't work (stupid newbie question) (Art S. Kagel)
16:20:53 Re: csdpmi*.zip (A. Sinan Unur)
16:35:02 Re: trouble compiling c++ (George Foot)
16:38:27 Re: Precompiled headers. (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
17:17:52 JAS is OUT! (Nicola Gaggi)
18:18:26 Re: Speed of DJGPP? (Martin Kahlert)
18:20:10 Allegro GUI questions- very basic (jon)
18:42:37 Re: Inline assembly problem (Leath Muller)
19:37:34 Re: RHIDE - Help please! (Robert Hoehne)
19:37:38 Re: delay() problem (Michael Mauch)
19:37:40 Re: DJGPP vs. Watcom (Mike Collins)
19:49:53 Re: BUG: DJGPP, argc and * (James)
19:51:55 Re: Allegro GUI questions- very basic (Alan M. Doerhoefer)
20:49:41 Newbie Q's (LP)
21:04:51 Re: Speed of DJGPP? (Erik Max Francis)
21:38:33 Raycast (Henri Ossi)
21:44:41 Re: DJGPP vs. Watcom (Bill Currie)
21:54:49 Re: trouble compiling c++ (Erik Max Francis)
23:04:16 Allegro polygons (Thomas Harte)
23:34:26 Re: About your web page (Thomas Harte)

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