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00:52:04 Re: Cursor problem (Timothy Robb)
01:58:38 Re: rhide and Windows95 (Philip Hindman)
02:27:08 Re: Allegro: Problems with text colors (Gautam N. Lad)
02:37:20 Re: DJASM DOCS? (John M. Aldrich)
02:38:38 GCC Compiling Error. PLEASE HELP |> (Master Mind Technologies)
03:49:35 Re: Can't get much newbie-er then this... (John M. Aldrich)
05:48:59 Re: NEWBIE - What is flex? (Smith A. Cat)
06:04:36 Re: Reading binary files (Kevin Ashley)
06:34:23 Re: When you know Nothing! (David Jenkins)
08:04:40 Re: BUG: DJGPP, argc and * (Erik Max Francis)
08:05:09 Re: Allegro utils: 3D modeler, MIDI sequencer, etc... (
08:05:14 Re: How to use LS_COLOR env variable? (John M. Aldrich)
09:49:25 Re: DJGPP on a 386 (George Foot)
12:04:24 Re: chkdsk, djgpp and win 95 (was Re: Exclusive access to drive) (A. Sinan Unur)
13:19:31 Re: Reading binary files (A. Sinan Unur)
14:18:57 Crashes when optimized! (Springman)
14:18:58 Announce: A new DETL and DEGUI homepage (Douglas Eleveld)
14:19:03 Re: Memory/background bitmap: Allegro (Roberto Henriquez Laurent)
14:47:14 Re: One for the Gurus (Robert Hoehne)
15:18:45 Re: DJGPP + Demo Coding? (William McGugan)
15:47:10 Re: Forcing CWSDPMI usage (Eric Jacobs)
16:47:35 DJGPP and Windows95. I must be use a driver, which? (David Mayor)
16:47:39 Re: Virtual functions in Interrupt ruotines (Robert Hoehne)
16:47:40 Re: What is Allegro? (Gregorio Hankiewicz)
16:47:41 Re: Help about SWORD for DJGPP V.2 .... (Robert Hoehne)
16:48:32 Re: Can I use 256 grayscale colors? (William McGugan)
19:05:32 Re: THANKS Robert Hoehne! (Bob Kematick)
21:33:42 Re: DJGPP + Demo Coding? (
21:33:47 Re: rhide and Windows95 (Mr. Th)
21:49:44 Re: Fixed DJGPP libobc.a? (John English)
23:34:18 help !!!!! I need FORMAT.COM from DOS 6.0 real badly (Robrecht Hoet)
23:35:01 Re: Forcing CWSDPMI usage (John M. Aldrich)
23:44:19 unsubscribe (Hctor Manuel RodrĄguez Meza)

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