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Subject: Re: DPMI Host limited to 64MB physical memory on Compaq PC ??
From: Fernando Salas <fsalas AT impsat1 DOT com DOT ar>
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> It is possible that this is a BIOS issue.  I have never worked on a
> machine that has more than 64MB of physical memory installed, so I
> don't have any real experience here.  You can have more than 64MB of
> total DPMI memory, of that I'm sure, but if you need more than 64MB
> *physical* memory, then it is possible that the BIOS just doesn't
> report more than 64MB (the format of the CMOS data overflows at 64MB).

I suppose you are kind of right here.
I have a machine with 80MB installed
The WIN95 dos bos reports 66,112 K(an odd number) total memory when mem 
command is issued so I lost 14 MB
WinNT detects the 80MB but I don't remember how much report the mem 
command. I will ckeck that and the outputs of go32-v2 in plain DOS 7.0 and 
in WinNT dos box and post the results when I have some time.

Thats my 2 cents.


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