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Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 15:06:47 -0300
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From: Cesar Scarpini Rabak <csrabak AT dce03 DOT ipt DOT br>
Subject: Re: One for the Gurus

At 16:20 04/06/97 -0400, Vic wrote:
>Andrew Crabtree wrote:
>> So, my next thought was to load it up into GDB and fix the problem.
>> Well, no luck.  Things run perfectly under GDB.
>I can't help you on this one(I'm not a guru :) but I had a similar
>problem: I have a program in allegro (3D) that usually crashes when I
>move because I don't have any clipping function and the program tries to
>draw outside of the screen. It allways crashes with a SIGSEGV. So I
>wanted to catch the output and i did something like
>redir -e error.txt 3d.exe
>What do you know?! The stuff doesn't crash anymore! I can move in any
>direction and put my cube way past the screen boundaries-it won't crash!
>When I exit and look at the eror.txt file, I find the same SIGSEGV and
>traceback but the program that crashed was redir!

Humm... I had some similar symptoms with emacs. Will you folks please check
the number of _environment variables_ the plattform which causes this
problems have and try run the same problematic programs with one plus one
minus one, and of course post the results here?


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