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SteelGolem (myork AT auracom DOT com) wrote:
> I can't understand how to make one (1) exe file out of many (multiple) c
> or cc files.. why does it have to be so complicated?? if ya can't show
> me that, at least show me how to make a library file (___.a),
> PLEASE!!?!?! (although both would be nice.. =P) 
> thanks for ANY help!!!  --email please!

Hey, I can show you both.

You need to make objects files from each .c or .cc file. Like so: (TAILOR 
this command line to your needs, it's generic)

gcc -Wall -c foo.c -o foo.o

Do that for each .c or .cc file you want to compile. To link them 
together into an .exe file:

gcc -Wall foo.o bar.o -o foobar.exe

To make a library:

ar cvs foo.o bar.o libfoo.a

(I'm NOT sure about that 'ar' command.)

You can look these things up in the infofiles:

info gcc invoking (for how to invoke gcc)
info binutils ar (for how to use ar)

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