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>>Adam W Lee wrote:
>>> Now, just because he doesn't have pretty code doesn't mean he's not a good
>>> programmer...  In fact, I hate pretty code.  C++ is the embodiment of
>>> pretty code, and it sucks.
your a retard

>Almost all of the coders I know use C + ASM, TP + ASM, or just plain ASM.
>The only coder I know that uses C++ is wog, and his engine is the slowest
>one I know of... (
>>> And to defend myself on the 3D of Quake...  Sure, it's some decent 3D, and
>>> sure, Carmack does know what he's doing, but plain and simple, I've seen
>>> Demo coders do more stuff than him, faster than him, and make it look
>>> better than him.  demo (itsdemo.exe or .zip I believe), LOOK at it.
thats a demo twit-boy - not a real time game - Ive seen many people
say they have seen quake source code and/or its 3d engine and it sucks
nuts - Well If quake sucks - WRITE YOUR OWN F#%KING GAME AND MAKE
YOURSELF 5-10 MILLION OR MORE! I would call you a retard but that
would make retards look bad

>>Anyone care to explain why the Quake engine is so much better than the
>>engine? I can't see it...
>Who said that the Quake engine is better than Descent's??? 
You could make the game descent with the quake engine - the same
levels, spacecraft, etc. But you could not make quake with the descent

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