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Subject: Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: OmniBasic for Win95/NT
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 17:15:21 -0500
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Michael L. Smith wrote:
> The Win95/NT version is now available for download from:
> This version requires the intallation of the Cygnus/Minimalist
> gnu port which is available from:
> There is a batch file included with OmniBasic which makes the
> installation of the port at least semi-automatic.
> This version of OmniBasic is source-code compatible with all other
> OmniBasic Versions. (Linux, OS/2, MSDOS, OS-9 etc.)

I have had some complaints about these links not being specific enough.
Here are some direct links:

The first is the Cygnus site which in turn has links to both the Cygnus
download and the Minimalist download. The Cygnus download has several
chices for mirror sites.

The second is the Cygnus ftp direct link. Download 'cdk.exe'

The third is the Colin Peters site which in tirn has a direct link to th
0.1.4 Minimalist download.

Hope this helps


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