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Subject: Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: OmniBasic for Win95/NT
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 17:28:11 -0500
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Michael L. Smith wrote:
> The Win95/NT version is now available for download from:
> This version requires the intallation of the Cygnus/Minimalist
> gnu port which is available from:
> There is a batch file included with OmniBasic which makes the
> installation of the port at least semi-automatic.
> This version of OmniBasic is source-code compatible with all other
> OmniBasic Versions. (Linux, OS/2, MSDOS, OS-9 etc.)

I haved received some complaints about the links not being specific
enough. Here are some direct links:

The first is for downloading the OmniBasic package:

The second is the Cynus GNU-Win-32 site with links to both the Cygnus
download and the Minimalist download. The Cygnus download offers a
choice fo direct and mirror sites.

The third is the Cygnus ftp site (direct). Download cdk.exe

The forth is Colin Peters' site which in turn has a link to the
Minimalist 0.1.4 package.

Hope this helps.


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