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I am using Allegro v2.2, and I would like to put tracking capabilities into
it, such as S3M, IT, or XM.  I would like to make my own Tracker, using
this library.  However, when I tried to modify the SAMPLE file format, such
as when loading a file.  I would set all the data, allocate enough memory
with malloc, and set the data pointer to the memory I had just allocated. 
All that worked OK, but when I went to play that sample, my computer froze.
 I would like to scrap that Idea, and just use Allegro to create a buffer
that I could just write too, and it would continously use that buffer.  I
would like to use my own sound mixing routines, but I haven't the slightest
clue on how to set up the Sound Blaster, and I would like to keep the
compatibility.  I would like to just set up a buffer, 2 problems.  I'm
afraid by altering the buffer, or setting up a new one, when I go to play
it, it will freeze, like it did before.  Also, will Allegro keep updating
the buffer, or will it copy my sample into it's own buffer, and keep
repeating that one, and changing my buffer won't do anything.  Also, is
there another way to do this, that would be better?  If you can, respond to
  cytric AT kktv DOT com

 in a week, which didn't nearly happen of course). Then, when
you have mastered the fundamentals of C++ you should examine tutorials
or even buy books on graphics programming. You might find other
compilers to be more convenient to your needs as this is probably the
most difficult C++ compiler to configure and understand at present. Not
that I'm ripping on it I think it's awesome, but it is under development
and the authors are attempting to reach a target of more advanced C++
developers and software engineers who can find bugs in it and report
them to be fixed and eventually this will make the lives of novice
programmers easier when they get the more bug free product out and
about. But if you are short on cash flow or are determined to use DJGPP
as your compiler I seriously suggest you get your hands on tutorials by
searching for C\C++ programming pages on search engines or perhaps
asking general programming tips here or on less technical news groups as
programmers in general, love giving advice and tips.
Good luck I hope this has helped...
        Jeff Procsal

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