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Subject: Re: Allegro Newsgroup
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Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz wrote:
> > Most mails regarding Allegro don't even have the word 'allegro' in
> > the body.
> >
>   I think that there's another problem. Now, as I write this message I
> am using Netscape 4, but 3 days ago I used IExplorer 3.0. I have seen
> that Netscape allows you to search for strings in the subject, name of
> sender, etc.
> But IExplorer only allows you to match the exact subject, and then, once
> I tried the email filters and they were even case-sensitive.
> If everybody used Netscape 4, it would be ok, but then, what happens
> with someone who doesn't have a latest-generation-email-reader ?

Filtering mail isn't (always) a problem of the mailreader.
There are many free filters for auto-folding.
Emacs itself does it.
Moreover the problem isn't the sender of the mail, 
you can use whatever you want. 
The problem is only for the receiver: if you don't care 
about folding, well, you can use whatever you want.
If you want your computer do an automatic cleaning, delete spammails,
delete mail with subjects as: 'subscribe djgpp' or 'newbie questions'
or 'big binaries' or even 'Allegro:' you have to use something smarter
than Netscape X.
I don't even know if NEtscape does autofolding, but if you want to
know about how your computer could read your mail and suggest you
which mail read, download emacs and type M-x gnus RET C-h i.


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