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Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 17:48:12 +0800 (GMT)
From: Orlando Andico <orly AT gibson DOT eee DOT upd DOT edu DOT ph>
To: DJGPP List Server <djgpp AT delorie DOT com>
Subject: Quake stuff (offtopic)
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A couple days ago there was a thread on this list about Quake source code
(among other things..) I've also seen references on the net to "other UNIX
ports"  of Quake, but the only ones I know of are Linux/i386, Linux/Alpha,
and AIX/PowerPC. Are there other ports that I'm unaware of? 

I have managed to port the 1.01 (illegally ripped-off source code) to SGI
IRIX 5.3, but I can't get the OpenGL or sound to work (just the generic X
server at this point). If there already IS an SGI Quake, I won't waste my
time then.


Orlando Alcantara Andico
WWW:           Email:   orly AT mozcom DOT com
ICBM:  14 deg. 30' N, 120 deg. 59' E           POTS:    (+632) 932-2385

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