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Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 03:23:41 -0300
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Subject: Re: Allegro problem
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At 01:32 PM 05/06/1997 -0700, you wrote:
>baldo AT chasque DOT apc DOT org wrote:
>>         Hello, I am not Fernando Salas, I am Ivan Baldo. I have talked with
>> Fernando and Fernando and I we have the same video cards (Trident Agi9440).
>>         When I run your demo with de Trident driver and use Page Fliping
the error
>> that describes Fernando ocurs. But when I use Vesa 2.0 or Vesa 1.x the
>> error disapears. When I use test.exe with de Trident driver and test the
>> scroll, the screen gets noised (i dont know how to speak english very
>> whell, sorry) only when I move, when stop moving the screen looks good.
>>         Sorry but I am not a good programmer and I can not help changing
>> source code, but if you want, I can test the library for you.
>>         I want to help, hope this already helped. If there something
that can I do
>> for you, please tell me!!!
>>         Congratulations for the library!!! Bye!
>Are you using Allegro 2.2? When I was using a trident, I did
>experience this sort of problem with the older version of
>the trident driver (ie: pre-2.2). Someone (can't recall
>who exactly) did fix this problem for 2.2 though.
>William Lachance
>billl AT synapse DOT net
	IŽam using Allegro 2.2. OK, I dont know who has fixed that problem, but in
my computer the problem continues. Also in other computers and other
Trident 9440 (like Fernando Salas) the problem continues. I dont know why,
but something is wrong (and I think that is the library and not problems
with the compilation of the library). Bye!

Ivan Baldo: baldo AT chasque DOT apc DOT org

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