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On 2 Jun 1997 23:56:17 GMT, "Telepac" <suporte AT mail DOT telepac DOT pt> wrote:

>Im using DJGPP for a a few months already, and i liked it a lot.
>The only problem, i think is compilation speed.
>I have a DX4 with 8mb, and it seems a bit slow, compared with commercial
>compiler, like BC.
>But the generated code, i think its excellent.
>Could someone tell how to speed up compilation. How many ram should a have
>with the DX4.

	DJGPP is actually doing more work than BC for various reasons,
none of which need going into now. To speed it up, if compiling many
times in close succession, try using smartdrive as hopefully it will
be smart enough to hold the gcc.exe, & all those it calls in RAM for
you. Also, try setting up a RAM drive to make DJGPP's temp directory.
That's about all I know - but I don't claim to know much at all. Just
sort of trying to help.

>Another thing...
>Can we sell or distribute the programs we made with DJGPP, or there are any
>obligations, advises, etc.

	You can sell it as long as you use the generic C++ libraries
and not the GNU ones, I believe. If you don't specify, I think it
defaults to the generic ones. What I do know for sure is that Quake
was written with DJGPP, and I do not think the FSF get any money from

>The problem is that i'm studying and i dont have the money to buy a good

	You're likely to start a flame war there! It is often argued
over on that DJGPP is better than Watcom, the
best commercial compiler, and about as often the other way around.
Certainly it is very un-fair to even suggest by implication that DJGPP
is anything less than 'good'.


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