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Subject: Re: 16bit vs 32bit graphic performances
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 1997 17:02:22 -0400
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Stefano Brozzi wrote:
> I'm using some functions in mode 13h I've written.
> I don't obtain many advantages in using 32bit DJGPP Compiler instead
> another 16bit compiler but 106 fps vs 98 fps.
> Does anyone find better results ?
>         TIA
>         Stefano
> PS:
> this question is from Ivan Baldo: baldo AT chasque DOT apc DOT org

I personally found that the speed increase wasn't as important as the
ease of coding graphics is 32-bit vs. 16-bit. If you're planning on
dealing with SVGA in any way, take my word for it it's just not worth
coding it up in 16-bit! ;-)

If you're planning on implementing a ModeX application, you can avoid
the 64K problem by storing your sprites and video buffers in a 4-plane
memory format similar to the format used by the video card. All in all
though, I'm glad I've taken my company to 32-bit. Even the ModeX stuff
is easier to code in 32-bit, and for the SVGA stuff blits have been
reduced from complicated XMS stuff to sucessive "memcpy()"s.

Hope that helps,
Jack Edwards, Jr.

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