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Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 00:24:56 +0200
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From: Fulco Bohle <minstrel AT xs4all DOT nl>
Subject: rsxntdj/windows95

June 3, 1997

Dear myself,

I just found out why some sample applications within the rsxntdj package did
not run.
If you use the ld.exe shipped with rsxntdj you are not warned if you forget
to link the
appropriate libraries such as libcomct.a and libcomdl.a, instead it suprises
you with
a signal. I simply put back the old djgpp V2.01 ld.exe and voila the missing
links were
displayed. So I added -lcomct to my command line and now I am running native
Win32 apps !. 
I am a happy man.


The other Ego

PS. I used to compile with Microsoft C: Programs were fast. After
recompiling the same sources
with djgpp the programs run so fast I needed to build in delay's to make
things readable.
djgpp outperforms Microsoft by a factor 6 on large programs, this is mainly
due to a better 
memory management and of course 32 bits coding.

If you put two copies of djgpp.env files named dos32.env and win32.env in
your djgpp directory
you can build both dos32 and native win32 by simply setting the djgpp
environment variable to
one of them in your make file. dos32.env is just a copy of djgpp.env and
win32.env is a modified
version of djgpp.env as shipped with rsxntdj.

I can not find a way to make ntbind, rsrc and grc work under win31x I think
it has to do with the
dpmi interface.

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