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Date: Mon, 02 Jun 1997 22:49:58 +0200
To: djgpp AT delorie DOT com
From: Fulco Bohle <minstrel AT xs4all DOT nl>
Subject: rsxnt/windows95

June 2, 1996

To those who can help,

Compiling native win32 applications under djgpp is still a dream for me !
Rsxntdj comes with a few sample applications. I managed to compile and run
sol, whello and winedit, but when I run bar or rsxwbind windows95 detects a
error in rsxnt.dll. How do I solve this problem ? This error is not machine
other machines generate the same error and the error appears after
or GetOpenFileName for example. 

With regards,

Fulco Bohle

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