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Subject: Re: REPOST: DJGPP/BASH: Need setup advice, please
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 1997 15:47:18 GMT
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Eli Zaretskii <eliz AT is DOT elta DOT co DOT il> wrote:

>You aren't supposed to use `:' as PATH separator outside Bash, only
>*inside* the shell.  Outside it, use the usual DOS `;' character, and
>Bash will convert it to `:' for you if you set PATH_SEPARATOR=:.  When
>Bash sees a colon `:' in the DOS PATH, it treats it as a drive
>separator and will convert PATH incorrectly.

That's the information I did not have.  This is something that should
perhaps be part of the BASH README.DOS.  If I was in the dark, others
may be as well.  I'll suggest it to the BASH porter.

>> I am using PATH_EXPAND=Y and PATHSEPARATOR=: in the BAT file, and I
>                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>This should be PATH_SEPARATOR.

<*Sigh*> It's always something *simple* we miss, isn't it?

>> set SYSROOT=//h/djgpp
>> set PATH=.:/bin:%HOME%://c/://d/ut
>Again, don't use this syntax outside Bash.  Say this instead:
>	set SYSROOT=h:/djgpp
>	set PATH=.;h:/djgpp/bin;%HOME%;c:/;d:/ut
>and Bash will do the conversion for you.

And that advice is of a piece with the answers you gave me above.  I
think this kind of example should be part of the BASH README.DOS as

Thank you again for your prompt and accurate answers.  I'll try to
remember to do the same for others when I have the opportunity.

Peter J. Farley III (pjfarley AT dorsai DOT org)

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