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> Of course, C++, IMHO, is not for games, or anything that has to run
> quickly.
A  myth.
C++ is as low level and fast exactly as C.

The poster probably meant that the object oriented paradigm is not suitable

I disagree on that also. Sometimes good OO design results in an even faster
Think about  virtual function calls vs chains of "if-else" or "switch"
C++ is a multi-paradigm language:
  You want to write code in a C-like procedural manner ?  you can.
  You want Object Oriented programming ? you got it.
  You want Generic Programming <templates , STL>  ? you got it.

plus, the compiler is always watching you. it won't let you do things that
a C-compiler
allows. Therefore , a C++ compiler is an even better way to learn C !.

... and many more benefits.


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