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00:16:33 Re: Help with comparing dates (Richard Sanders)
00:41:44 Re: Help with makefile (Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church)
01:05:14 Ext2 on DOS? (James Lefavour)
01:46:59 Re: Multiple-file problem (Andrew Deren)
02:46:14 Re: looking for masm (
02:58:02 Re: DLLS (Peter Johnson)
04:13:48 Re: Multiple-file problem (Carla)
04:14:14 RHIDE duplicating obj files when linking? (Skye)
04:43:01 Re: getting C++ to work (Skye)
04:43:16 Re: Compiling bits and pieces (Colin W. Glenn)
06:54:59 help!!! - unsubscribing! (Ashemah Harrison)
06:58:50 possible bug? (
07:01:14 Re: DJGPP sample programs? (Gary M. Greenberg)
07:48:48 Re: newbie questions about C++ (Hilaire Fernandes)
08:00:39 Re: help!!! - unsubscribing! (DJ Delorie)
08:02:06 Re: possible bug? (DJ Delorie)
08:04:38 Re: Allegro and EGA (Chris Croughton)
08:45:35 Re: possible bug? (Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church)
08:47:54 Re: Programming laser printers (Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church)
08:48:38 Re: Q: TCP programming with DJGPP? (Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church)
09:19:43 Re: What?!? (A. Sinan Unur)
10:44:19 Re: newbie questions about C++ (A. Sinan Unur)
12:11:04 YourBigMouth (Jeff Bachtel)
12:54:47 Re: ENOENT? what's that? (Gary M. Greenberg)
13:10:23 Indent and C++ (Chris Croughton)
13:24:16 Help in Compiling Tcplib (Alain Rosenthal)
15:00:08 gcc optimize performance, V2.7.2.1 versus V2.6.0 (Dan Hirschberg)
17:21:48 Ignore TABs in DJGPP Makefiles? (JustIn)
17:23:02 Re: Allegro (Liam)
19:34:53 Re: Ignore TABs in DJGPP Makefiles? (Guess)
20:28:41 Allegro 2.2 question (Thomas Harte)
21:30:15 Re: Allegro (Tudor)
21:30:17 Re: Ignore TABs in DJGPP Makefiles? (John M. Aldrich)
21:30:20 Re: Capturing a screen from Allegro. (Thomas Harte)
21:30:21 Re: C vs. C++ (JustIn)
21:39:50 Nice looking Install (Jose Manuel Lopez-Cepero)
21:41:19 Re: Allegro Question (Tudor)
21:54:51 Re: Templates in the STL (Peter Berdeklis)
21:54:57 Re: What?!? (Peter Berdeklis)
21:55:37 Re: Multiple-file problem (Alexey Kouzmitch)
22:13:59 Re: 3d Engine - [01/01] (Mark T Logan)
22:14:32 Re: What?!? (Mark T Logan)
22:15:58 Re: I got lots of answers...thanks for those nice ones (Mark T Logan)
22:33:21 About quoting previous messages (DJ Delorie)
22:34:42 Please stop Re: What?!? (DJ Delorie)
22:39:50 Re: Silly newbie question - Allegro/palletes (Jose Manuel Lopez-Cepero)
22:41:28 bash customization (Carlos A Alcalde)
23:13:39 rotation Q: (Tudor)
23:16:06 Re: Allegro (Alexey Kouzmitch)
23:36:53 Problem (Sox)

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