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00:16:05 Re: Quake src here !!!!!! (enigma)
01:31:44 Re: Assembler Help!! (Peter Berdeklis)
01:31:59 Re: DJGPP compatibility (Snoop Baron)
01:43:19 Re: help me with interrupt handling! IM DYING! (Matthew Mastracci)
01:57:38 Re: VESA 2.0 and getch() bug? (Gregorio Hankiewicz)
02:32:48 Re: Help, Pascal (
03:12:20 Re: John Carmack <>: Re: Question about Doom. (Francisco Gochez)
03:13:13 Re: windows 95 and djgpp (Anthony Q. Bachler)
03:44:56 Re: Help with comparing dates (Alessandro Sanasi)
04:29:25 re: looking for MASM (Tim Marvin)
04:31:41 Re: Help, Pascal (Dennis Moran)
06:03:09 Re: To the INFO questions related to RHIDE (Robert Hoehne)
06:03:18 Reference for DJGPP? (Anthony Q. Bachler)
06:03:26 Need help on ISR (Anthony Q. Bachler)
06:03:45 Re: Memory Models (Alex)
06:47:13 Never Mind, I found it. (Anthony Q. Bachler)
06:49:00 Re: Some Rhide questions (or suggestion). (Robert Hoehne)
07:31:20 Re: No Mouse in RHIDE, Bug? (Stex)
07:44:19 Re: DJGPP gurus: interrupts wrappers are reentrant ? (Colin W. Glenn)
07:44:32 Re: 3d floor texture mapping (jon)
08:01:25 Allegro bitmaps (Thomas Harte)
08:29:26 Re: lynx 2.7 and pdcurses under DOS. (hessling mark)
09:00:38 Off-topic programming discussions (Deltaman)
09:35:32 Re: Looking for a good graphics lib... (Thomas Harte)
09:59:46 Re: RHIDE: bug in infView search ? (Raine M. Ekman)
10:52:57 Re: possible bug in RHIDE? (Guruman)
11:19:47 Re: Allegro & WAV files (Shawn Hargreaves)
11:20:15 Graphics and Rhide (J. Hormuzdiar)
11:20:47 Re: Allegro & WAV files (Simun Mikecin)
11:22:15 Silly newbie question - Allegro/palletes (Adam Lawrence)
11:27:59 Re: Allegro bitmaps (Andrew Deren)
11:56:37 Ideas for truecolor Allegro (Shawn Hargreaves)
11:56:53 Re: Allegro bitmaps (Shawn Hargreaves)
13:41:20 Re: Off-topic programming discussions (Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church)
14:05:17 Compiling bits and pieces (Colin W. Glenn)
15:00:51 Re: Help, Pascal (Toivo Leedjärv)
15:05:16 Re: OOP and Games (Anthony Q. Bachler)
15:05:25 Re: djgpp and Linux (Guido Gonzato)
15:49:42 Re: Silly newbie question - Allegro/palletes (Dominique Biesmans)
16:37:15 Re: Some Rhide questions (or suggestion). (Liam)
16:44:35 GCC Pentium optimizations? (Sami Asujamaa)
17:01:46 Re: DJGPP gurus: interrupts wrappers are reentrant ? (Anthony Q. Bachler)
17:20:08 Re: (none) (Tudor)
17:44:08 Re: timezone under MSDOS (Mike Kretlow)
17:45:05 Simple 32-bit question. (Charlie Wine)
18:00:11 C vs. C++ (Kevin Ivarsen)
19:15:28 Re: What does SIGSEGV means? (Jose Manuel Lopez-Cepero)
19:43:02 Re: FFT & IFFT (John W. Herman)
19:43:13 Re: DJGPP inconsistencies? (Erik Max Francis)
19:43:59 Re: Reference for DJGPP? (Tom Burgess)
20:58:03 Re: djgpp and Linux (George Foot)
20:59:09 Re: (none) (Jose Manuel Lopez-Cepero)
21:00:33 Re: make (George Foot)
21:02:46 Re: Turbo C/C++ and DJGPP (George Foot)
21:14:22 Re: Question about Doom. (Mark T Logan)
21:14:31 Re: Off-topic programming discussions (Mark T Logan)
22:17:08 Re: Simple 32-bit question. (Tom Wheeley)
23:02:37 fstream doesn't work? (Thomas Habets)
23:28:37 malloc & m/tasking OS (Ilya P. Ryzhenkov)

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