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00:03:55 DLLs (Ralph A. Fernandes)
00:30:35 Rhide: strange behaviour (bug?) (Jose Manuel Lopez-Cepero)
01:07:59 Re: [opendos] Wishlist v2.0 (Benjamin D Chambers)
01:09:29 Re: Allegro (Benjamin D Chambers)
04:57:34 RHIDE and WinNT 4.0 (Chester Wong)
04:57:40 minimal DJGPP V2 (Tim Marvin)
05:11:46 Re: Codewright with DGJPP, HELP! (Emmanuel Proulx)
06:03:01 Re: TTF2PCX (Paul Dixon)
07:28:59 Re: allegro problems (gfx + kb) (Paul Derbyshire)
08:46:15 Re: RHIDE 1.1 under MS-Windows 3.11 (Paul Derbyshire)
08:47:03 Re: problem with malloc in djgpp? (nikki)
08:59:04 Re: Curious (Colin W. Glenn)
09:08:17 compiling c files for dos (Steve Duys aka 'Navarre')
09:15:38 Re: groff (M. Schulter)
10:02:01 Re: Allegros quad3d function HELP NEEDED. PLEASE ;-) (Tom Burgess)
10:02:33 Re: Any good GUI toolkit for DJGPP? (TBD/FeR)
10:36:26 Re: Problems using allegro (Mark T Logan)
10:52:14 Allegros quad3d function HELP NEEDED. PLEASE ;-) (David Jenkins)
11:05:30 DJGPP and stdprn (Alf Stockton)
12:43:35 Re: Using cin.get() Outside Of main() (Luis A. Espinal)
12:43:43 [Announcement] JPTUI 3.8 is now available (Jean-Pierre Delprat)
12:59:13 Re: Weird problem (Tony O'Bryan)
13:00:07 Re: Help with simple commands (Tony O'Bryan)
13:32:08 Re: Help with simple commands (Paul Derbyshire)
13:47:43 djgpp crashes with illegal operation (Nina Bhavnagri)
14:00:35 Re: DJGPP and ASM (Dennis Moran)
14:01:33 Re: neural network code (Alaric Dailey)
14:16:32 HELP! Fehler beim Compilieren in Regex.h (Bernhard Derix)
15:00:57 system() under '95 (J. Boer)
15:01:31 Re: Allegro MIDI question (Shawn Hargreaves)
15:04:52 Re: programming s3 trio 64v+ (Shawn Hargreaves)
15:14:22 Re: Allegro perspective-correct texture mapping (Thomas Harte)
16:02:39 Re: DJGPP inconsistencies? (Marc Singer)
17:03:13 Re: HELP! Fehler beim Compilieren in Regex.h-Loesung gefunden (Bernhard Derix)
17:04:27 how to allocate the DOS conventional memory (Tamito Kajiyama)
17:27:46 Re: Allegros quad3d function HELP NEEDED. PLEASE ;-) (Shawn Hargreaves)
17:29:14 Emacs (
17:46:14 programming soundblaster pro (David L Clayton)
19:29:20 Re: Boehm-Demers-Weiser Garbage Collector with DJGPP? (Kristian Hogsberg Kristensen)
20:29:07 QUAKE Source (Minnie Hutton)
21:32:47 Re: Problems using allegro (Francois Charton)
22:46:43 Re: DJGPP sample programs? (Jose Manuel Lopez-Cepero)
23:00:51 Re: TTF2PCX (Nikita Proskourine)
23:48:19 Re: Quake Source (Was: Quake Editing Utilites) (Minnie Hutton)
23:57:18 No Mouse in RHIDE, Bug? (Minnie Hutton)
23:58:44 Re: QUAKE Source (Moses)

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