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From: gfoot AT mc31 DOT merton DOT ox DOT ac DOT uk (George Foot)
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Subject: Re: Error message with DJGPP
Date: 1 Mar 1997 14:33:01 GMT
Organization: Oxford University
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Randy Sorensen (randy AT idcomm DOT com) wrote:
: Hi.  My name is Randy Sorensen, and I just got DJGPP a few days ago.  I tried 
: using a simple "Hello World" program with it.  This was the syntax I used:

: C:\DJGPP\BIN>gcc -o test c:\randy\test.c

: and I got this error message:

: ld.exe: cannot open crt0.o: No such file or directory (ENOENT)

: Can someone help?  I am anxious to start using DJGPP, because I've seen it in 
: action...but it won't work!

Have you read README.1ST? You have to SET DJGPP=C:/DJGPP/DJGPP.ENV 
and add C:\DJGPP\BIN to your path before it will work properly. You 
also have to make sure you've downloaded all the necessary archives.

If you are unsure, type: 


and post SET.TXT and DIR.TXT.

George Foot <gfoot AT mc31 DOT merton DOT ox DOT ac DOT uk>
Merton College, Oxford.

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