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Subject: Re: Allegro 3D examples needed (long)
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On Sat, 01 Mar 1997 16:00:19 +0100 "Andrei 'old-boy' Ellman"
<ellman AT xs4all DOT nl> writes:
>Shawn Hargreaves wrote:
>> A decent book would be much better, though...
>May I reccomend "Zen of graphics programming" by Michael Abrash.
>(Coriolis Group Books ( ISBN 1-883577-89-6
>price: US$44.99).
>As well as 3D graphics, the book also contains extensive coverage on
>programming the VGA and SVGA (including Hi-Colour graphics (but not
>True-colour)), and just about anything you need to know about all 
>of graphics. There's even a chapter about the basics of 3D maths.
>There's 834 pages in total.

Are you talking about first addition or second addition.  I have the
second edition
of the book, and it is the most valued text in my library.  In addition
to what you
listed, the second addition also discusses how to implement BSP-trees,
describes how they are used in DOOM and Quake.  Yes, Micheal Abrash does
work for id, and they permitted him to talk quite a bit about how Quake

>Just out of interest, has anyone attempted to convert the X-Sharp
>library on the CD-ROM to DJGPP? (although I'm more interested in the
>techniques than the implementation).

I think that this would be a relatively large task.  A large portion
(50%+) of
X-sharp is written in assembly.  Ideal mode syntax.  Ouch.


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