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Subject: Re: Are any GRX user's out there?
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>Yes I have been using GRX with DJGPP but most of my programs used stuff
>that is NOT (yet) in version 2.0, so I cannot use version DJGPP v.2. I
>have been asking around if there is a new complete version of GRX for 
>some months but no one answered. Is your version a complete GRX 2.0 or you
>are using the same beta that was around more than one year ago?
>If the former WHERE can I find it, if the latter, has anyone info on what
>happened to GRX?.
I'm pretty sure I'm using v2.0 the final version.  You can get it from: and look around for the 'official release' words 
and it'll take you to the simtel ftp site, and it's in the v2tk (or something 
similar).  It's basically in the v2.0 Tool-Kit section.


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