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From: Tero Parvinen <tero AT mnar DOT tky DOT hut DOT fi>
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Subject: Re: Allegro 3D examples needed (long)
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 1997 10:55:16 +0200
Organization: Helsinki University of Technology
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Shawn Hargreaves wrote:
> Ok. I knew the brevity of my docs was going to cause problems :-)
> Unfortunately I don't have time to write a full 3d tutorial at the
> moment: any takers for that? But I'll have a go at a brief overview...

Actually, I've already got the sources for that finished. I took your
ex22.c and removed loads of stuff. I intend to make a web page
explaining all the stuff there, but I want to make it decent and it
might take a day or so. I'll mail the URL to you once it's finished and
you'll be able to link to it or copy it, whatever...

Tero Parvinen
Tero DOT Parvinen AT hut DOT fi

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