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Subject: Re: Win95 TCP/IP networking for DJGPP
Date: 2 Mar 1997 00:41:32 GMT
Organization: Edmonton FreeNet, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Lucid Laszlo (lv AT eden DOT rutgers DOT edu) wrote:
: I've found some packet driven (like wattcp/waterloo) type libraries for
: DJGPP, but nothing that can access Windows95 networking directly. Is it
: possible, or does it require linking with windows dll's (which isn't
: possible?) 

Yes, someone (sorry, can't remember the name) wrote a program called WSOCK
that can access Win95 (and maybe 3.11) winsock stuff from a DOS box.  I
*think* the address is but I'm
not sure.

hope ithelps,

jon klippenstein internet:  klip AT cryogen DOT com
                 uucp:      alberta!ve6kik!dparrot!{root,klip}
                 ham radio: ve6klp

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