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Subject: --off topic?-- This newsgroup: oddity
Date: 1 Mar 1997 07:23:29 GMT
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This is a globally distributed newsgroup, yet it seems to have peak
article flow times and lax times like now. The lax times correspond to the
wee hours of the morning in the western area, e.g. North and South America.
Yet there are English speaking countries all over the globe, notably
including England, where it is probably morning rush hour by now, and
Australia, where it is mid afternoon.

Additionally: where do people go that want to disacuss djgpp in French? Is
there a whole parallel hierarchy of usenet for other major languages,
generally visible only to sites in countries where that's a prominent
language? Here in Canada then, I ought to be able to find a French version
for these newsgroups, whereas the US might have SPanish versions...?
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