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From: xholp09 AT drson DOT vse DOT cz (Pavel Holejsovsky)
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Subject: Re: gprof doesn't work!
Date: 1 Mar 1997 14:36:01 GMT
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Paul Derbyshire (ao950 AT FreeNet DOT Carleton DOT CA) wrote:

: I wanted to profile a chunk of code. So, in RHIDE I set the Link for
: Profiling option on, and I set the compiler debugging options "-pg" flag
: on, and I recompiled the file with the area to profile and linked and ran
: it. It created a file named gmon.out. Then I launched a dos shell, and
: entered gprof gmon.out, and it said:

: c:/djgpp/bin/gprof.exe: gmon.out: not in a.out format

If I remember correctly, gprof takes name of your executable as a parameter. 
gmon.out is searched by default and you need not specify it on gprof's 
commandline. Correct commandline is:

gprof <yourprogramname.exe>

If you have djgpp 2.01, then exe should work, in 2.00 you would have to use
plain coff file as parameter.

But I cannot prove that I'm right, because I'm sitting 
at school with no access to any djgpp installation.

Hope it helps 

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