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Date: Sat, 1 Mar 1997 11:33:23 -0800 (PST)
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never mind, i solved the problem, i found out that coord3d[face.l1].x was
how to doit, the faces where a index for the coordinate never

On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, KaRNaGE wrote:

> i converted x3ds.pas to C wich loads all the 3d coords (x, y, z) and
> faces (l1, l2, l3) from a .3ds file, but i'm having trouble converting
> read3ds.pas to C, because of all the asm, i'm not good at asm, and was
> wondering if someone could convert all the asm, to pascal or c doesn't
> matter....or just tell me what in the world it's doing...i've tried to
> e-mail the author, but the e-mail address doesn't exist anymore, if anyone
> knows Bjarke Viskoe's current e-mail please tell me...and if no one can
> tell me what's going on, here's the reason why i need to know...
> my .3ds reader loads 270 (x, y, z) coordinates, and 516 (l1, l2, l3) faces
> from (duck.3ds) wich is right...and when i plot all the x,y,z coords
> (pixels) and do all my 3d rotation 3d->2d math
> rotates,scales,etc, looks like a crappy 'pixel duck' ( but it's right),
> but when i try to convert the pixels to polygons, it looks like junk, i
> know that 3ds uses triangles, but it seems when i load the coords it's not 
> in 'triangle order', so it looks like i'm wondering how can use
> what i got to make it look right, how do i apply the faces and 3d coords,
> to make a polygon duck that looks right...read3ds.pas does this, but i
> don't know how cuz of the asm..this is really frusterating me =)..and any
> help will make me happy!....i'm getting tired of a 'pixel duck' =)
> BTW i've looked at zed3d, and it made more confused...

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