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Subject: Re: Allegro and rhide Hang.
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 22:54:26 -0800
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Paul Derbyshire wrote:

> By the way, it is generally polite internet practise to constrain the
> stuff you type to 80-character lines. Either that, or your newsreader
> wordwrap doesn't properly work, or your unixy linefeeds-only or
> Macintoshy
> carriage-returns-only stuff isn't properly translated for DOS somewhere
> in
> all the routers and servers and stuff it went through, starting at your
> newsreader and ending at my comm software...

Ahem.  Mail is delivered between machines with "Unixy linefeeds."  It's
only the enduser machines that translate them to platform-specific
end-of-line sequences.

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