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Date: Sat, 1 Mar 1997 05:58:35 +0000 ( )
From: "Gurunandan R. Bhat" <grbhat AT unigoa DOT ernet DOT in>
To: Paul Derbyshire <ao950 AT FreeNet DOT Carleton DOT CA>
Cc: djgpp AT delorie DOT com
Subject: Re: gprof doesn't work!
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On 1 Mar 1997, Paul Derbyshire wrote:

> it. It created a file named gmon.out. Then I launched a dos shell, and
> entered gprof gmon.out, and it said:
> c:/djgpp/bin/gprof.exe: gmon.out: not in a.out format
> So, obviously wither a bug in djgpp causes it to output the profiling data
> in the wrong format, or a bug in RHIDE causes the profiling options not to
> work correctly, or else a bug in gprof causes it not to recognise the
> format, or not to be able to understand all the right formats.

not so fast! not so fast pal! in your hurry to uncover bugs where there 
are probably none, you seem to have forgotten you mustnt say:

gprof gmon.out XXXXXX

say instead:

gprof my_profiled_file.exe > wherever.

peace! man! 

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