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Subject: Re: UniVBE hunters: DO NOT GET UNIPOWER!
Date: 1 Mar 1997 10:28:23 GMT
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> UniPower, which is what my web-search turned up when I was looking for
> UniVBE, claims to be UniVBE. But it's not. It is crippleware that disables
> itself after 21 days.
> UniPower also claims to provide VESA2. It does not.
> It claims to speed up "Duke Nukem 3D."
> It does not.
> Does anyone know where the newest UniVBE (the REAL UniVBE, AFAIK
> UniVBE 5.1) is on the net?

you typed '+univbe' in altavista or similar and it gave you unipower?
impressive searching there. try because it's been renamed
display doctor for the past 3 or 4 versions now.

it also disables itself after 21 days :) possibly they want you to register
it or something? ;)

i've never heard any of these claims about speeding up duke nukem, unipower
was surely the power management module for doing the 'green' functions of
your monitor and nothing to do with speeding things up.

the newest version is 5.3a.


Graham Tootell           
nikki AT gameboutique DOT com  

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