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Subject: Re: Allegro 3D examples needed DESPERATLEY.
Date: 1 Mar 1997 07:01:04 GMT
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David Jenkins (me AT jenkinsdavid DOT demon DOT co DOT uk) writes:
> I've tried following the 3D examples in the Allegro folder and I'm
> stuck.Especially with the matrix stuff.
> Could somebody email me 2 source codes one for a cube and one for a
> pyramid?? Just drawing a plain object onto the screen and a function to
> make it rotate.
> This isn't important but you could add functions which fill the faces
> with the different fill methods but not implemented in any way.
> I'd prefer the code to be non cryptic for me to follow easily,so I can
> follow the maths.With as much commenting as possible.
> Unless someone can point me to a 3D tutorial that would be of some help
> to me with Allegro.
> I've been told to get a book on algebra but any tutorials/books must be
> available on the net.
> -- 
> David Jenkins

Well, the book by David C. Lay, "Linear Algebra" is good and accessible,
using graphical examples. But it costs forty bucks and is a university
textbook so you might have to visit your city's campus's bookstore for it.
And maybe win a lottery first. :) As for on the internet, I dunno, but try
a web search for matrices, linear algebra, etc. Also look at univwersity
home pages for this sort of thing. If you still can't find any such
resource, mail me in a few weeks and maybe in a few more weeks I can make
a website with an algebra tutorial. :)

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