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Subject: Re: How does RHIDE debug?
Date: 1 Mar 1997 06:00:00 GMT
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Tony O'Bryan (aho450s AT nic DOT smsu DOT edu) writes:
> On 27 Feb 1997 15:24:56 -0800, rellwood <rellwood AT aludra DOT usc DOT edu> wrote:
>>I can see that RHIDE comes with some program tracing options in the Run
>>menu, but how do I use these?  They seem to be ghosted all the time, even
>>when I turn on the -g option, which I thought would fix it.  What am I
> You have to be single-stepping (or at a breakpoint after starting your program
> running).  You cannot debug a program without running it.  F8 will single-step
> through your code, but will not trace into function calls (it will run function
> calls at full speed and place you at the instruction following the called
> function), F7 will single-step into function calls (provided the source is
> available).  There are others that you will find.  Once the program is actually
> executing, all the debug features are unghosted.
>>Also, does RHIDE have any sort of feature similar to WATCHES or INSPECTORS
>>as Turbo C++ does?  In Turbo C++'s IDE these are awesome, and it would be
>>irritating if I had to shell out to GDB in order to inspect my variables,
>>classes, etc.
> Look in the Debug menu (again, after your program has started).

They actually unghost as soon as you compile it and have a valid .exe, I

One thing I would like to see is an option to run from wherever it is to
the next breakpoint. If it stops at a breakpoint, it seems the choices
are, single step of some sort, or rerun from scratch using Run.

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