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Subject: Re: GCC can't find the INCLUDE files.
Date: 1 Mar 1997 04:57:18 GMT
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"John M. Aldrich" (fighteer AT cs DOT com) writes:
> Mike Loll wrote:
>> Whenever I try and compile a program ( a simple Hello World type program
>> ) GCC says it can't find the include file(s).  Am I doing something
>> wrong here?  Do I need some sort of config file?   I checked DJGPP.ENV
>> and it showed the include directory as /include ( my directory for djgpp
>> is C:\DJGPP)  Any help is welcome.  Thanks!
> Did you read all of the 'readme.1st' file that comes with DJGPP?  In
> order for the programs to work, you must add the following settings to
> your AUTOEXEC.BAT file:
>  - Add the C:\DJGPP\BIN directory to your PATH
>  - Add the following line:
> Then reboot and see if you are still having problems.

Fun Fact: Laborious ten minute reboots are not needed when modifying
autoexec.bat. Instead, change the file, then enter the same lines at the
dos prompt. I.e. set path = %PATH%;C:\DJGPP\BIN and Set
djgpp=C:\DJGPP\DJGPP.ENV. Then go ahead and run djgpp. Unfortunately, the
same is not true of config.sys.

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