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Subject: Re: Odd RHIDE thing
Date: 1 Mar 1997 04:51:31 GMT
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Paul Derbyshire (pderbysh AT chat DOT carleton DOT ca) writes:
> Earlier today, I compiled and linked and ran a program in RHIDE with the
> Run command. When I chose the program exit command, it deposited me at a
> DOS shell instead of the RHIDE window. When I then typed 'exit' several
> times in the DOS shell, all I got was the prompt repeating itself. I
> coulld not get back to the RHIDE screen! After a reboot it has not
> recurred. It has only ever happened to me the once.

CLARIFICATION: I chose the exit command of *my* program, not of RHIDE!

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Paul Derbyshire ao950 AT freenet DOT carleton DOT ca,

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