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Check out  Zeus 2.50 (2.50 is the latest to my knowledge and replaces
2.1x), it have syntax highliting and has a funny license agreement.
It's shareware in some dialog boxes, but the License agreement in the
help indicates that you don't have to send the author anything. I am
not a lawyer.

On Thu, 27 Feb 1997 08:56:55 -0500, Brian Osman <osmanb AT rpi DOT edu>

>George Foot wrote:
>> As I wrote, I think this doesn't work in Win95's version. I used to use
>> DOS 6.22's version (no, really, I did!), but when I upgraded to Win95,
>> being the gullible idiot I am, it no longer worked, and I resorted to
>> using Windows Notepad for makefiles. Until I discovered PFE :)
>> --
>> George Foot <gfoot AT mc31 DOT merton DOT ox DOT ac DOT uk>
>> Merton College, Oxford.
>Woohoo! I'm not the only one. When I finally found PFE and started using
>it, I fell in love right away. For price and features, it is the best
>editor I've ever seen. However, I'm starting to miss syntax
>Does anyone out there have a favorite editor which is designed for
>DOS or Windows, with syntax highlighting along with all the other
>of a good programmer's editor? Oh yeah, the tough part: It's gotta be
>free. Given that my current editor is freeware, I'm not likely to pay to
>make a lateral change...

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