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DJGPP and Visual C++ are two different things.  DJGPP is a compiler designed 
for compiling DOS programs.  Visual C++ is designed for Windows programming.  
It is great for Windows includes the Microsoft Foundation 
Classes (MFC), which make creating Windows programs easy (compared to the 
traditional way).  While DJGPP may seem hard to use, you'll find that Visual 
C++ is even tougher.  It was designed for creating huge programs...and while 
DJGPP is great for huge programs, it is much easier to create smaller ones.  If 
you plan on professionally programming for Windows, than use Visual C++, and 
learn how to use it.  If you just want to make simple little programs, use 
DJGPP.  While Windows programs may be fascinating, DOS programs run much 
faster, and can do almost anything Windows can do, given enough resources, and 
DOS programs are easier to do.  Even if you do want to be a Windows programmer, 
keep in mind that learning how to do so is takes more than just a 
book or two (for professional programs, anyway).  And even once you learn how 
to use it, it takes much more time to write a Windows program.  I have both 
compilers, along with Turbo C++ 3.0 for DOS.

In article <330B38A8 DOT 6201 AT access DOT mountain DOT net>, cronos AT access DOT mountain DOT net 
>What are the differences between the two?  Other than the $.  I am a
>more windows integrated person than dos.  I am still a newbie, I have
>only had a cpu for about 5 months.  Programming has somehow amazed me
>and I love to do it.  I have learned mostly TURBO PASCAL and a little C.
>I tried to use the djgpp compiler but it was difficult and confusing
>(although it is probably me that was confused and not the compiler) but
>Visual C/C++ seems like it would be worth the money to me.  I think it
>is great that djgpp is freeware but to me it seems like it would take a
>genius to use it.  
>Thank You

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