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From: jstev AT gladstone DOT uoregon DOT edu (Josh Stevens)
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Subject: DXE questions
Date: 28 Nov 1995 07:39:03 GMT
Organization: University of Oregon
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To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
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Hi everybody...

I am planning to use DXEs in an upcoming project, and I have a question about 

I know that multiple DXEs can be loaded simultaneously (I tested it).  My 
question is this:  is there a way to free the memory occupied by a loaded DXE? 
Would it work to simply "free" the pointer (as if it had been allocated with 
malloc)?  I tried this, and it didn't generate any errors, but that doesn't 
prove anything (:-).

Thanks for your help.  BTW, I'm using the V2 beta, of course (isn't that the 
only thing that supports DXEs?).

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