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Subject: Re: Declaring arrays inside generic function
Date: 29 Nov 1995 00:44:51 GMT
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"Michael E. Wesolowski" (mewesolo AT freenet DOT calgary DOT ab DOT ca) wrote:
: I have a generic function which has as one of its input parameters an int 
: which identifies an array size. Within the function, I attempt to declare 
: an array of int's:
: int item_count [array_size];

Dynamically determining the size of an array allocated on the stack is
a gcc extension. If you need a dynamic array, you should use 'vector'
instead of a built-in array. Actually, you should not use built-in
array any where else than in some classes to implement them (this is
not a language requirement but results from the style built-in arrays
are dealt with by the language).

: If it's something in the ANSI standard, I'd appreciate the paragraph 
: reference as well as a simple description of what's going on. Thanks.

dcl.array verse 1: there is explicitly stated that the expression used
to determine the size of an array has to be const. You can also have a
look at a current discussion in comp.std.c++ concerning dynamic array
bounds (for built-in arrays). The thread is titled "Array
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