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Date: 29 Nov 1995 10:43:45 +0000
From: "Magnus Westroth" <Magnus DOT Westroth AT software DOT combitech DOT se>
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Subject: Svar: Re: Q about djgpp and scanning dependencies with cpp
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Sam Vincent wrote as a reply to my question

>DJGPP coexists with windows just fine...   It'll run fine in a dos

I get the following error message when trying to run in a dos window=

CPU must be in REAL mode (not V86 mode) to run this program without =
(If you are using an EMS emulator, make sure that EMS isn't disabled=

Running from dos without windows works fine. How can I get around th=


Magnus Westroth
Magnus DOT Westroth AT Software DOT Combitech DOT Se


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