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01:14:12 Strange error (Adrian VanWormer)
01:30:10 Re: V2 Math Libraries and Emulation (Charles Sandmann)
02:19:11 Where to get BTRIEVE (Teng Yong Jeffrey)
02:53:59 Weekly Mini-FAQ post for DJGPP (DJ Delorie)
06:27:23 Re: Porting from v1 to v2 (Fabrice Frances)
09:24:48 Re: RSXWDK/Windows question (Dave)
10:25:57 Process.h help (Dave)
10:28:22 Computer viruses (A.Appleyard)
10:53:52 Question about djgpp (Werner Drescher)
11:48:15 Re: Which gcc version in djgpp V2? (
13:29:57 Re: Porting from v1 to v2 (Charles Sandmann)
13:42:59 GRX20 release ?? (Eric NICOLAS)
14:10:52 Re: Can you link in .FNT's??? (Michael Roehner)
14:14:34 Re: Q: Ladybug for V2? (
16:25:01 RSXWDK/Windows question (Daniel F. Savarese)
18:54:19 Re: Strange error (Bob Babcock)
19:55:49 Re: C++ code under djgpp..... (Erik Max Francis)
20:48:48 spawning djgpp programs... (Eric NICOLAS)
20:49:19 Re: RSXWDK/Windows question (Pieter Kunst)
23:43:57 Another site for Xlib emu for DJGPP (Antonio Costa)

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