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Subject: Re: makedepend program ??
Date: 23 Nov 1995 17:40:50 GMT
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DJ Delorie (dj AT delorie DOT com) wrote:

: > I'm using djgpp for years, and I'm learning U..X system at my office. So I
: > discovered the wonderfull makedepend program.
: > 
: > I wanted to use the same stuff at home on djgpp, but I didn't found any
: > makedepend program in /bin directory, in V1.12m4 like in v2beta.
: > 
: > Can someone tell me where I can found such a proram for djgpp ?

: gcc has a much more powerful feature.  In your Makefile, add the "-MD"
: or "-MMD" options to gcc.  Then, add this at the end of your Makefile:

: 	DEPS := $(wildcard *.d)
: 	ifneq ($(DEPS),)
: 	include $(DEPS)
: 	endif

: gcc will automatically generate dependencies as it compiles, and make
: will automatically use any that gcc has generated.  This is much more
: reliable than using makedepend.

But requires you to run make twice to be sure everything is built.

How about adding something like this too?

  ifeq ($(SECOND_RUN),)
  make SECOND_RUN=1

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