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01:50:04 Re: Q: Ladybug for V2? (Charles Sandmann)
02:39:29 DJGPP V2 (juan j casero)
03:22:20 Re: Question about DJGPP C syntax (Herbert Kremser)
04:01:57 Re: DJGPP-V2 for Germany (G\|nter Geiger)
12:22:42 linker problem with C++ program (der tanzende Tigger)
12:23:43 DXE question (Stewart McDonald)
13:22:08 Re: Pros and cons of djgpp vs. emx (Piet van Oostrum)
13:31:28 Re: Q: Ladybug for V2? (George C. Moschovitis)
14:59:07 multiply defined methods in djgpp g++ (der tanzende Tigger)
16:03:34 Djgpp 1.12 (Michael Sweeney)
16:16:32 What is the status of mouse support in V2 and GRX20 ? (Jih-Shin Ho)
20:37:26 Re: DPMI and graphics (Charles Sandmann)

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