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Anthony Appleyard wrote:
>> in England trying to access is like a snail and so
|>> s--l--o--w that it is useless to me, even when it is before 8.30 am in England
|>> and the middle of the night in America.

Although I am in a position to offer a mirror at the hub of the European
network with 34 Mbit or 155 mbit access to most other European ISPs
either now or soon, DJ's comments about the interworkings on his
server suggest this would not be useful. Your best bet  for the moment
(and anyone elses) would be to direct your W3 browser at a suitable
proxy with a large cache - the UK has a nationally-funded proxy for
just this purpose at If you are not already
using a proxy locally, look at using this. The likelihood that someone
else in the UK (me, for instance!) has recently looked at a page from
DJ's server and thus that it is in the cache is quite high. 

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