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Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 22:14:34 GMT
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On Wed, 8 Nov 1995 12:54:46 GMT, K DOT Kazemi AT infosys DOT tuwien DOT ac DOT at wrote:

>I would be interested to use DJGPP for
>developing Applications (i am now using WATCOM),
>cause it supports Objective-C. But i need
>a full-featured DPMI Host like DJGPP 2.0 will
>have, also i want to be able to develop for DOS,
>Win, Win95.

V2 is in Beta at

Apparently, it is not able to do Objective-C at this time.  Even
though there is a file on the site for Objective-C, it seems to be a
new version of the compiler but the old libraries.

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