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Subject: Re: generating stand-alone .exe files
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     resta AT iei DOT pi DOT cnr DOT it (Giovanni Resta) wrote (Subject: Re: generating
   stand-alone .exe files):-

   > Do       coff2exe -s c:\djgpp\bin\go32.exe myprog.cof    and don't forget
   > the "-s" switch (as I done once) or your go32.exe will be destroyed !

     To that idea, I say "-sssssssssssssssssssssssss". It is too easy to forget
   once in a while to insert oddments such as "-s" switches. That is why I prefer
   to create a file C:\DOS\GO32ADD.BAT containing this line:-
	 copy /B c:\djgpp\bin\go32.exe + %1 %2.exe
     and I just type e.g.
     and lo-and-behold an .EXE every time with no meed to remember my GO32.EXE's
   full pathname every time and no risk of overwriting it by omitting something.

But why not create a GO32ADD.BAT as:

coff2exe -s c:\djgpp\bin\go32.exe %1

This solves the forgotten flag problem and still uses coff2exe to generate an
executable which the docs claim loads faster and runs more efficently than the
one made using DOS copy!?!?!  

Art S. Kagel, kagel AT ts1 DOT bloomberg DOT com

Variety is the soul of pleasure.  --  Aphra Behn

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